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What Sort of Safety Issues May Be Found in An Electrical Inspection?

Electrical inspections are routine assessments on a home’s electrical work. Every home needs one, and failing an electrical inspection is something that can be fixed, but do you want to jump through extra hoops to get it inspected a second time when you could spend a few extra moments to ensure that your work passes inspection the first time around? Here are some common reasons why homes fail electrical inspections and what you can do to ensure that your home passes inspection.

Be Sure Your Work is Neat

A lot of electricians don’t know that neatness counts. Inspectors don’t often cite for neatness violations, but if they see sloppy work, they’ll slow down and pay more attention. More than likely, they will cite you for some other violation, but it will be the sloppy work that tipped them off in the first place. Slow down. Take the time to line …