What Sort of Safety Issues May Be Found in An Electrical Inspection?

Electrical inspections are routine assessments on a home’s electrical work. Every home needs one, and failing an electrical inspection is something that can be fixed, but do you want to jump through extra hoops to get it inspected a second time when you could spend a few extra moments to ensure that your work passes inspection the first time around? Here are some common reasons why homes fail electrical inspections and what you can do to ensure that your home passes inspection.

Be Sure Your Work is Neat

A lot of electricians don’t know that neatness counts. Inspectors don’t often cite for neatness violations, but if they see sloppy work, they’ll slow down and pay more attention. More than likely, they will cite you for some other violation, but it will be the sloppy work that tipped them off in the first place. Slow down. Take the time to line wires up neatly and be sure that everything is in order. It will save you time in the long run.

When in Doubt, Ask for Clarification

Areas that have hot tubs, swimming pools or bath tubs with jets in them are subject to additional rules that areas without them are not. Even these three things, though similar, have different rules and regulations. Some inspectors will interpret the rules one way, while other inspectors will see the code in a different slant. When in doubt, ask your inspector for clarification and save yourself a potential problem later on.


Staple Romex Neatly and Methodically

The code states that Romex must be secured every so often outside the box. Not being neat and methodical when securing Romex is like turning on a neon sign that points to your sloppiness and will likely result in a code violation. Don’t cut corners when it comes to electrical safety.

Use Only Equipment That Complies with the Code

Cutting corners and purchasing equipment that costs less than code compliant items may seem like a good idea at first, but if your equipment isn’t up to standards, then you could be cited with a violation. In addition, not following guidelines could result in equipment failure, which could lead to an emergency electrician visit or worse. Check your items before you purchase them to see if they can be used in the manner in which you intend to use them or if you need a different type of item instead.

Follow Local Ordinances

Electrical inspectors often have a set of local or state rules that they enforce in addition to the ones listed in the code. This can result in a citation that you weren’t expecting. Again, if in doubt, ask for clarification before the inspection to save yourself some time and trouble.

Be Sure You Have the Correct Permits and Licenses for the Job

There’s no way around this one. Have the correct permit and license for the job you’ll be doing. Don’t scrimp on this to safe time or money. You could end up with your work site shut down and an additional fine to pay.

In general, make sure the work done in your home is up to specifications, and if you’re not a licensed electrician, hire someone who is to do the work in your home. You will feel a great peace of mind when hiring and relying on a professional who is neat and detail oriented to work on your home.