How is the rating of a fan decided?


Fans being an electrical device which are used in day to day life and these have to there with the user for a long time to come once you buy them. Thus it requires a long life, durability and the customer should make the right choice while purchasing the fan because if he is spending he should get his/her money worth. Thus there are factors which help him shop and one such factor is the rating given by customers who have been using the product earlier. These ratings help the future user determine how the product has been in performance and durability under the use of another human being and how much is its expected lifespan and thus he makes an informed decision about the product and doesn’t go about hunting in the dark. If you are also planning to buy a fan, go through the article to get a clear idea on the performance of fans. You can buy fans online too, with ease. You can know more about the best websites to purchase them online too.


The factors on which the user ratings of a fan are decided are:

Airflow: Airflow is one the major factors for deciding the efficiency of the fan. Airflow is measured in CFM or the Cubic Feet per Minute and it is the factor which tells the user how much circulation is done by the fan when it is operating.

Wattage: The second factor that comes into play is the consumption of energy. It is also termed as the transfer of energy to the device or the conversion of energy by the device into mechanical work with respect to time and the wattage is important to the user because it helps the user to calculate the airflow efficiency of the device.

Airflow Efficiency: Airflow efficiency of a fan is one of the major factors deciding its rating and it is important to know the airflow efficiency because this is the factor which tells the user that the cost of running the device per unit airflow. Air flow efficiencycan be calculated by a simple formula CFM/watts. This factor helps the user greatly because it is going to tell him/her what will be the cost of operating the fan.

Motor Rating: Motors are the most important components of the overhead rotating fans circulating air around the room. The motor is the main cause behind all the operations of the fan. And these operations should be efficient and smooth and no doubt they should be quiet and it all depends upon the motor being used in the fan. Over the period of time there have been many motors used in the fan, they are:


Oil bath

DC motor

Ball Bearing

Ultra performance Direct Drive

Stack motors

Large standard direct drive motor

Standard direct drive motor

All these motors were designed for quiet operation but they have shown different efficiency over the period of time.

Blades:  Blades are also one of the most important parts of the fan as these are responsible for pushing the air forward and creating the airflow as we know it. Correct designing of the blades is necessary not only for the right airflow creation but also the balance of the fan. The fan should have correct length of the fan blades as per their power for efficient working.

Aesthetically pleasing design: The design of the fan should be aesthetically pleasing and should go with a lot of interiors and it should look fabulous when installed.