How to Shop at Garage Sales?

Garage sales have become one of the best places to get the required items at the lowest price possible. But while some people get a bunch of stuff spending the least, a lot of us still buy nothing and spend a lot. How does it happen?

It usually happens because, just as in any game, you need to know the rules to win it. Below we prepared a simple guide to help you save your money and at the same time get, let’s say, great outdoor furniture for your home.


1. Locate the sales

Yes, first things first. To come to a garage sale you need to know where it happens. If you are not an expert in this matter, then our tip is t use app or read local forums on the matter. In the modern times of advertising and new media this should not be too complicated. All you need to do is put, for instance, “furniture sale” or something more specific like “outdoor furniture garage sale” into the search engine and get the instant answer.

2. Prepare

Preparation is everything in garage sales “business”. Try to look normal. Do not wear your fanciest outfit, it is not a podium. You are only looking for the required pieces of furniture at sale. Do not give people the impression that you have a lot of money! Garage sales people do not like big bills, so try to carry only $10 and maximum $20. Remember that as in any other purchase you can compare prices for a given item, so use different apps for this purpose. If you are driving between different locations, then keep several cardboard boxes and bags for new items. For buying furniture remember to bring packing tape and some protectors.

3. Arrive early

Any furniture sale looks better in the beginning. So your goal is to arrive as early as you can in order to get the widest range of choice.

Experts in outdoor furniture sales explain that you should not underestimate the competition there. A lot of people are coming to find something unique for their home and even more people are getting there to earn money on re-selling the pieces. So ensure that you come early and spot the best pieces first. However, if you are looking for the lowest price you should go later because at the end of the event you are likely to get the total furniture sale on all pieces remaining.

4. Interact with the seller

Sellers are people too, so it is important to interact with them in order to gain their trust and consequently lower the price as much as possible. If you are not really good in talking to people then read some ice-breaking strategies to apply. In terms of lowering the price you can need to have a closer look at an item and so find any disadvantages that may influence the price. When negotiating the price be soft but at the same firm about your needs and price range.