Your Most Important Considerations and Options when it comes to a Whirlpool Bath

It’s been about four decades since the invention of the whirlpool bath. Initially a spa luxury, it became so popular that more and more people are bringing the experience to their homes – and for good reason. They provide, after all, a significant improvement in lifestyle, not only in terms of standard of living, but also regarding relaxation and enormous health benefits. If you’re thinking of getting one for your family, you’ve made the right decision. However, whirlpool baths come in various sizes, different shapes, multiple models, and with many features. Selecting the one that is right for you may not be as easy as it seems. Here are your most important considerations and options when it comes to a whirlpool bath.

Think in practical terms first

Measure your bathroom and draw a floor plan on scale. Include the electrical wiring scheme in there, as well as the existing plumbing. Once you have that, you can decide on the right size of the whirlpool bath and can discuss possible locations with the help of a professional plumber and an experienced electrician. It’s an important step that should never be overlooked – it will avoid many problems in the future, and a professional installation will significantly increase the value of your home.


Two basic styles

There are a large variety of whirlpool baths out there – different manufacturers have different types and styles, different makes and models. However, they can basically be classified into two groups, and deciding between the two will help you narrow down your choices to your final selection.

  • The drop in model – the most popular, usually fits multiple people and come in all shapes and sizes.
  • The alcove model – fits better in smaller bathrooms and is usually around six feet long.

Safety considerations

If you have children, elderly people, or disabled family members, you may need to ensure there are certain safety features, such as holds, hand rails, and so on. Safety should always come first.

Interesting features

There are different kinds of jets (water and air), temperature regulation, various seating shapes, stairs, faucets, and so on. Generally speaking, the more features, the more expensive your bath will be.

The important thing to remember is that the whirlpool bath should be selected with each and every member of the family in mind. It should be large enough to fit the larger person. It should be safe enough for children and for the elderly. It should be easy to maintain and clean, especially if the family leads a busy lifestyle, and it should come with the amenities that everyone can enjoy. It’s often good to list down your personal requirements first – and with that list, go shopping for that perfect whirlpool bath. That’s the fun part.

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