An Unwanted Guest Living on My Property

A random bird decided to create a nest right near my front door. I generally don’t have a problem with birds making nests on my property, but this one in particular was a problem, because any time someone would come to the front door, the bird would get angry and attack them, including me. I couldn’t enter or exit the front door without having to deal with that bird. I didn’t want to harm the bird, but I also didn’t want it to harm me or anyone else. Consulting a bird pest control company about having the bird removed was the only option I could take that would result in the bird being taken off my property safely.

After speaking to a company that deals with birds about the issue, they told me that they could send someone over the same day to get rid of the bird without harming it. Even though they do this kind of thing for a living, I was still worried about them getting attacked by the bird, but they assured me that they were prepared for that kind of situation. A little bit later in the day, the worker from the control company came and prepared to remove the bird.

I was shocked to see that the worker was able to remove the bird, along with its nest, without the bird getting agitated. The bird was silent the entire time and never once tried to attack the worker. I couldn’t figure out how he was able to do it, while I couldn’t even get close enough to it to open my own front door. The worker told me that he’s been doing bird removal so long that he doesn’t have a fear about these situations, and as a result the birds don’t really fear him.