The Industrial Freezing: Green Initiative

Industrial Freezing is a team of environment-friendly enthusiasts. We believe in preserving our environment for future generations. We believe in the sustainability of the environment, using our resources with rational hand, and getting them preserved for our future generations as well. That’s why we launched the Green Initiative of the Industrial Freezing. The Green Initiative was put forward and escalated by our enthusiasts and freezing equipment specialists who are well aware of the significance of protecting our shared environment. As a team, we are keen to preserve and do something for environmental protection within the food industry. From the very first day, “Our mission is to spiral to the eco-friendly food industry, together.” Within this Green Initiative, we are keen to emphasize on improving our business concept, enthusiasting our processing, recycling of pre-owned industrial freezing units, cooling equipment, spare parts, and materials while keeping in mind and complying with all environmental, health & safety laws and regulations. This way, we are determined to save every cause of our customers abiding by the principles of preserving the environment. We, the team of environmental enthusiasts, understand the amount of waste generated through industrial processing could be tremendous. We have put a significant amount of efforts to recycle larger freezing and cooling equipment, while not forgetting to keep our supply chain as sustainable as possible. The main aim is to channelize some initiatives to carry our sustainable processing. These initiatives include Re-using of spare parts from older versions, cooling equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as materials and packaging processes. It also includes Re-cycling of hard plastics, soft plastics, materials that are not suitable for sale, as well as, electrical and electronic waste to cater to the needs of future uses, electrical equipment like light bulbs, batteries, printer cartridges, etc. and cardboard packaging. These materials and equipment could be recycled to make them useful for future use. With thsi approach, moving further, we are also serving the cause of waste management. We are determined to recycle material and chemical waste, using energy and natural resources efficiently, as well as, reducing emissions and waste. While in energy concerns, preserving the energy needs for heating of buildings with solar energy, as well as, Illuminating buildings with low energy lightings. As for the packaging concerns, we are determined to use environment-friendly materials. We are keen to work it better with team efforts and team management. Not just a specific team of our management, but we are determined to work together with our suppliers, customers, contractors, transporters, and partners with ease and satisfaction as well as addressing environment-friendly concerns. Our experts work towards promoting sustainable management of products and processes while preserving the resources. We are all in the same team and their commitment is just as important as our own. This way we serve the cause of eco-friendly solutions.