Is wooden flooring a good choice for dog owners?

When you are considering getting new flooring, you should take in to consideration not only your own needs but also those of your pets.

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Dogs are the UK’s most popular pet, with almost one-quarter of households owning at least one. We have all seen YouTube clips of dogs skidding around on wood floors, so you may conclude they are not a canine-friendly choice; however, in fact, they can be.

The right wood

The important thing for dog owners is to choose the right type of wood. Softwood dents and scratches easily and can be marked and damaged by a dog’s claws; therefore, you need a floor with a hard surface.

Choosing solid wood flooring made of hardwood from a stockist such as will provide a much tougher surface that will stand up much better to the predations of your pooch. It also means any minor damage can be sanded out and the surface refinished.

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The right colour

It is best to go for a light-coloured wood in a house with pets, as minor scratches and marks show up much more on darker surfaces. To avoid staining the surface, make sure you clean up any accidents your dog may have as soon as possible.

Finally, to help ensure a long life and continued smart appearance for your floor, make sure you have your dog’s claws trimmed on a regular basis to reduce wear and scratching to the surface.