In Need Of Fencing Supplies? Where Do You Start?

Fencing needs to be sturdy so that it can withstand the elements and, perhaps even vandalism. Fencing can often deter thieves as well as providing you with privacy. Wooden fencing is ideal for both purposes. It is also pleasant to look at, which is where it triumphs over wire fencing. However, chicken wire can be painted and sculpted – it isn’t limited to being used for fences.

What did we do before there were fences?

Before fences, there were hedges separating fields and gardens. Wire has been around for thousands of years, although not the barbed variety which was first made in the USA. Barbed wire fences can prevent livestock stampeding. The large cattle could easily demolish a wooden fence, and the American West was not known for its hedges – rather, it was a sandy desert with large cacti being the indigenous plants.

Now we don’t tend to plant hedges to protect our property, as they can be vandalised and unless they are very old, can be penetrated by would-be thieves and burglars. We live in a society where people feel the need to protect themselves and their property from intruders. Gone are the days when people didn’t bother to lock and shut their doors when they left home.

Did you know that when fences were first used, they simply marked property boundaries, but later they protected cultivated land from animals, both wild and domesticated.

How did we get the word ‘fence’?

If you look up ‘fence’ in a dictionary, you will see several meanings. It comes from the Middle English “fens,” short for “defens” which of course means defence or protection. It can also mean the sport, fencing and may refer to someone who handles and sells stolen goods.

We also have several expressions containing the word ‘fence.’ For example, ‘sitting on the fence’ (being neutral about something) and ‘mending fences’ (making peace).

Of course, now we have electric fences which deter both intruders and animals from entering or escaping from our property. We have security fences, border fences and so on.


Improving your outdoor area

If you need North Wales fencing supplies or anywhere else in fact check out what Richard Williams, has in stock. You can really beautify your garden or patio with wooden fencing. There’s something about wood that makes you feel warm and cosy, especially when its stained and varnished. Imagine how wooden fencing could improve your outdoor area. It doesn’t matter whether your garden area is traditional or modern, there will be timber fencing that will complement and enhance it.

Consider having some trellises as well as fencing to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your outdoor area. They are a talking point and you will be the envy of your neighbours. Just picture a trellis with roses climbing around it and add some night-flowering jasmine to delight your senses when you sit in your garden in the evening.

If you don’t fancy timber fencing because of the maintenance it requires, consider the other types of fencing avaliable

  • wire netting
  • fencing rolls
  • barbed wire
  • wire coils and
  • tensioners

Wire netting has a multitude of uses and can be used in garden or in industrial settings. You can choose from galvanised and powdered coated wire netting. You can decide what size holes you need and what lengths you need.

Coiled wire has many uses and comes in a galvanised finish which makes it very durable. It comes in many thicknesses, weights and lengths.

Find a good supplier

Wherever you decide to buy what you need its good to have knowledgeable staff that will be pleased to advise you about your purchases. If you need ideas or not sure about something make sure to ask as these professionals will have more experience in these kinds of things to advise you about what’s best for you.

For whatever you need for your garden and home, your first port of call should be Richard Williams, the builders merchant in North Wales.