What Are the Health Benefits of a Clean Carpet?

Let’s face it, your carpet can be a breeding ground for all kinds of things that you probably don’t want to talk about. You, your family, even your pets walk all over it each day, and very few of them think about what they’re treading into the house from the outside. Let’s not even think about what the cat has been walking around in before bounding across the carpet. So it’s safe to say that a clean carpet is a healthier carpet, which is why it’s so important to perform some kind of routine maintenance on it.

Vacuuming is essential and the more you do it, the better your carpet is going to look. The suction can clean up all the dirt, grime, hair and other granules that get caught up in there from everyday use. But there are other methods that can do an even better job, like steam cleaning and dry shampooing. These will get into those hard to reach areas and pick up any harmful contaminants that can be left behind, not to mention taking out those tough stains that have emerged over time.

Carpet cleaning won’t just extend the life of the carpet, but create a healthier environment in which to live. These are some of the benefits of cleaner living on your carpet.


Dust Mites

Yup, they’re in there. They are those tiny microscopic critters that can infest a carpet over time. But it isn’t just the dust mites themselves but the body parts and feces they leave behind which aren’t just gross to consider might be inside your carpet, when you breathe that all in you could kick up allergies you may already have. Vacuuming isn’t going to get them out, that’s why steam cleaning is important. Call Kent WA carpet cleaning to for a professional touch to rid your carpet of these disgusting intruders.

Air Quality

Here is where a vacuum is the most effective. That can suction up the surface contaminants before they drop down into the deep pile of the carpet. When that happens, those allergens can get into the air and aggravate breathing issues such as asthma and other respiratory allergies. A professional cleaning can eliminate all of those allergens as well, but routine vacuuming will reduce the amount that can get caught in your carpet.

Prevent Mold

Carpets that are exposed to sustained bouts of high humidity or high traffic areas where snow and rain can get in have the potential to grow mold. So when there is a lot of moisture in the room and on the carpet, you have to vacuum or dry the affected areas quickly. The key is to keep the carpet dry to prevent mold build up. Otherwise, you’re living in a toxic situation where the only solution is to rip up and replace the carpet. That will cost a lot of money, more than if you hire a professional cleaning crew to come in and use drying tools to address all of your high moisture areas.