Fine Effects of the urine odor remover for The Best Result

If you’re favorite pet is very fond of tagging in an apartment (car) any things (sofa, armchairs, shoes, carpet), after which there are not only stains, but also an unpleasant smell of urine, then this article is especially for you.

We will tell you how to leave the smell of cat urine at home.

Causes of unpleasant odor

Unpleasant smell from the cat’s mark appears for one main reason – the composition of urine:

  • Urochrome is that which stains urine,
  • Urea happens to be what turns the urine much sticky,
  • Urine acid happens to be what supports the urine of the cat quickly crystallize. These “crystals” do not dissolve in water, making urine difficult to excrete.
  • When you carefully try to wash (wash) the stains and destroy the smell of urine, you get rid of only the first components of the “tag.”
  • That’s why, after a while, the smell reappears.
  • The intensity of the smell depends not only on the presence of uric acid in the urine, but also on what surface the “mark” is on. From those surfaces that absorb moisture well, the smell of urine is very difficult to remove.
  • It is important to know: why the cat stopped going to the toilet.

How to remove the smell of cat urine

Remove the smell of urine or feces are not so simple, however there are some effective remedies. These agents include strong oxidants and the following:

  • Manganese (weak solution), which has a deodorizing effect. When using it, consider the fact that it can dye the surface (first, test on an inconspicuous part of the tissue).
  • Vinegar, diluted in water, perfectly copes with the smell and does not spoil the surface of the material.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (sold in the pharmacy), it is not recommended to use it on lacquer surfaces.
  • Iodine solution, which is obtained by diluting 10 drops of iodine per 1 liter water.
  • Soda is an excellent remedy for cat’s smell. Soda should not be used on glossy surfaces, as it is an abrasive. Then there is the urine odor remover also for the best result now.

Household soap is a universal remedy

Vodka, as a remedy for stains and odor, is not particularly effective, but its main role in this case is to create an unpleasant odor for the cat. There are substances in vodka that the cat does not like very much, so you will not have to worry that he will want to leave his “trace” here again.