How to Prepare Your Home for Buyers – 6 Things New Home Buyers Want to See

So, you’re thinking about selling your house. Before you put it on the market, consider making a few touch ups. Initially, some of these tasks may feel inconvenient, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. That said, here are six changes that are sure to make a favorable impression on potential buyers.

Couple Buying House

Make Like It’s Spring and Clean

A clean home is a comfortable home. New buyers are more likely to see themselves in your home if it’s clean and inviting. First wash your walls and cabinets to remove unsightly stains. Then dust and polish your furniture and built-ins. Afterwards, wipe down every surface in your kitchen and bathroom (including the toilet). You’re almost done! Next, vacuum, sweep, and mop all floors. If your carpets have dark stains, consider a professional cleaning or a large rug. Finally, spend extra time on anything that smells. You may even consider baking cooking to improve your home’s aroma.

Get Rid of Clutter

Getting rid of clutter serves a number of purposes. First, it’s easier to clean your home if it’s not full of sentimental junk. Second, the more you purge, the less you have to move. Third, purging represents an opportunity to make money which can be used on a moving company. Fourth, your home will appear more spacious to potential buyers. You should also spend a little extra time on your closets. If their full to the brim, it could make your buyer think the house doesn’t have enough space.

Make Repairs

There are also a number of easy repairs that can make a home more appealing to potential buyers. First, replace torn window screens and blinds. Then, replace broken panes of glass in windows and mirrors. Next, repair or replace damaged fixtures, faucets, and hinges. Finally, replace cracked tiles in the floor, countertop, or backsplash. These are inexpensive repairs that make a big visual impact. If your home comes with stained wood, you can also repair blemished with a wood marker.

Sell the Space

As I mentioned before, you want the buyer to be able to envision themselves in your home. In order to achieve this, repaint your home in neutral colors and put away edgy decorations. Similarly, remove personal items that could distract from the ambiance of your home. As you go, think about giving each room a purpose. Arrange the living area to be conversation and turn your bathroom into a spa. When you’re done, the space should feel neutral yet inviting.

Other Touches

You’re almost ready to move. By now, you’re house is clean, you’ve gotten rid of clutter, and you used professional movers to store bulky furniture and awkward personal items. For a finishing IY repairs, do so. If not, be sure to discuss these issues with the buyer.