A Beginners Guide to Saving Space In The Home

Saving space in the home can be done by just about anybody, even if you’re a beginner. You might think your home is too small to start saving space, or that you have too much stuff, but this just isn’t the case. This beginner’s guide to saving space in the home will help you to save as much space as possible:


Before you try to save space in your home, start de-cluttering. The key here is to be as ruthless as possible when getting rid of your things. If you haven’t used something in 6 months, you can pretty much guarantee you’re not going to use it again. Get rid of it. Give it away, or recycle it. If you can’t bear to do that right now, then put it in storage and see how you get on without it. More often than not, you’ll realise you never needed it.

Use Clever Storage Techniques

There are many clever storage techniques you can use to save space in your home. You can use wall caddies in the bathroom to make the most of your vertical space. You can use storage hidden under your bath or bed to have more places to put your things. You can even buy items that double up, such as a coffee table with storage shelves underneath. Hidden storage is the secret of many people who seem to have lots of space in their homes.


Use Floating Furniture

Floating furniture will free up some floor space. You won’t necessarily be able to use this space, but it will create more visual space to make your home look more spacious. You can use floating shelves and vanities in most rooms, for example.

Choose Your Furniture Carefully

When you select your furniture, don’t just go for something you think looks great. Instead, consider how it’s going to fit in with your home. For instance, if you have a tiny bedroom and you want to buy a new bed, buying one with a huge frame isn’t going to do anything for the visual space in the area. One that doesn’t have a frame at all, or where the frame is minimal, will create more space, even if it’s just the illusion of more space. It’s also usually better in a small room to pick one larger piece of furniture, than to choose multiple small pieces of furniture. If you have a small lounge, for instance, try fitting in a larger couch and forgetting all of the separate seats if you can. It’ll look better, but you must still consider what is practical.

Learn How To Layout

Learn how to lay out for maximum space saving effect. Many people think that pushing furniture against the wall creates more space, but this isn’t the case. It can make things look worse. Pulling things away from the wall, even ever so slightly, stops the room looking cramped.

Start saving space in your home right now with these tips and you’ll love the results!