Caring for Your Home’s Exterior


The outside of your home requires periodic upkeep. A few times a year it’s a good idea to walk the perimeter of your home looking for anything in disrepair. Dos your home have missing roof shingles or rotting wood? Are the gutters sagging and in disrepair? These are all areas that not only add to the deterioration of your home but greatly affect your home’s curb appeal and value. Commit to the job of keeping the exterior of your home in good condition just like the exterior.

Check Out your Roof

When was the last time your roof was repaired? Do you have leaks and missing shingles? Some repairs like replacing a roof may be a bit costly but the longer you leave it in a deteriorated state the more money you may end up spending. Take care of your roof and it will take care of you.

Rotten Wood

Replace any areas of your home that are rotting away or crumbling. Perhaps the shutters are splintering and slowly rotting, or the casing around your windows are falling apart. Take your time and replace any areas where the wood is falling apart and rotting.

Rain Gutters

Inspect the condition of your rain gutters. Are they in bad shape and sagging? Are there leaves stuck in the corners of the gutter? Clean up by Removing all the leaves from the gutter and repair any parts that need it. If the condition of the gutters are poor enough you may need a premium rain gutter system Sterling Heights MI.


Although siding is relatively low maintenance it’s still important to inspect it periodically and make any necessary repairs or maintenance tasks. Siding can be replaced in pieces and painted. Decide what you need to do and take action. The outside of your home deserves the same time and attention that the inside deserves.

One Last Look

Leave no stone unturned. Examine both your front and back yard and write things down so that you don’t forget anything you’ve noticed. Some projects may be costly, like having a new roof installed. But others will be small manageable tasks that can easily be accomplished. Most of the work can probably be accomplished in a day’s time. Especially small projects like repairing shutters and fixing a hanging rain gutter. Once you’ve finished all the small jobs you’ve added to the safety and value of your home.

Most of us neglect the exterior of our home’s at one time or another. We may have a mailbox that we never quite get around to fixing or an aging garage door that’s dry rotting. Whatever needs to be fixed stop procrastinating and fix it. Especially important areas like your roof and gutters. A deteriorating gutter system can affect your roof. Tie up the loose ends by taking the time to fix the parts of your home’s exterior that have been in a constant state of disrepair.