Sash Windows and Style

The sash window remains a frequent facet of present-day architectural design, despite having originated in the 18th and 19th Centuries. It is an aesthetic feature so steadfast and endearing, that it simply cannot be done away with. Particularly popular with the Victorians, the sash window is a classic piece of British window design, something without which innumerable homes would be left looking incomplete. It is as important as it is stylish.

But what is so special about the sash window? What makes it such an object of style? Why is it so culturally relevant?

While all over Europe many countries have their individual architectural graces, (France, for example, is known for its attractive French windows which typically open onto a terrace or balcony, and Italy for its distinctively rustic shuttered windows), Great Britain, in particular, has been inseparable from its own unique trend – the sash window – for centuries. It’s no wonder that the sash, save perhaps the bay window, is the countries’ most popular and emblematic architectural fixture even today, having remained so since its inception.


With the sash’s elegant proportions and iconic design, it adds to any building a subtle esteem that is just not possible otherwise. So many iconic houses and buildings throughout Great Britain, though you may not have noticed before for its subtlety, are fitted with the sash. The sash adds a new dimension to a house, imbuing it with a vintage look of sophistication that can be very difficult to achieve through other means. Looking through a sash takes you back to the Victorian and Georgian eras, a time of empire and innovation, poetry and prestige, allowing you a look into the past. The grandeur of British history goes hand in hand with the sash window, which may explain the sash’s popularity overseas, particularly in America, where the fascination with British culture and history has always been great.

Examples of the sash can be found all over the world, in many different countries, where residents have opted to employ this classic British design in order to add a little of that subtle class which is entwined with all things British. The sash lends character and flair to a building, without the least ostentation, offering the owner and passersby a view of something very special indeed.

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